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We offer various Vacation and Tourism Packages.

Coconut Packages

These packages are leisure or education packages (Discovery in Motion) to local spots in within Nigeria. They include but are not limited to:

Sungbo Eredo Mysterious Wall

The Sungbo Eredo

The Mysterious Wall on the boarder of Lagos and Ogun state.

This is an archaeological find in Nigeria (Lagos-Ogun state boarder) about 2000 years old known as ‘The Lost City’. It consists of two parallel walls about the height of the pyramids of Egypt from Eredo to Ijebu-Ode. 4km from Ijebu-Ode is Bilikisu’s Lair where it is believed the Queen of Sheba was laid to rest. Tour the Eredo to see the ancient trade route (parallel walls).

Ado Awaye suspended Lake

The Ado Awaye

The Suspended Lake in Oyo state

There are two suspended lakes in the world, one in Colorado-USA and the other in Awaye-Oyo state. This lake is open to tourists with fertility challenges. Tourists are allowed to fetch from the lake but not advised to swim. Visit the Ado-Awaye to see the Elephant tree and the mythical giant foot-prints engraved on the mountain top.

Ahum and Ngwo Waterfalls

The Ahwum and Ngwo waterfalls in Enugu state

The famous Miliken hill in Enugu state houses two famous waterfalls-The Ahwum waterfall which is a wet version of a portion of the lost city of Petra in Jordan and the Ngwo waterfalls at the end of the beautiful Ngwo forest. The Ahwum waterfalls is believed to possess some ‘healing’ powers.

Sukur Landscapes, Kebbi State

The Sukur Landscapes in Kebbi state.

A UNESCO heritage site and the ‘Nigerian Flintstone Village. The Sukur boasts of hand-built city walls and structures made of stone.

Akassa Light House, Bayelsa State

The Light House in Akassa, Bayelsa State

This is the tallest light house in West Africa and has been in existence since the early 1900s. It is a unique structure situated on the lovely Island-Akassa in Bayelsa state.

Bandana Packages

These are tours to regional spots within the African continent. They can be either educational tours (Discovery in Motion) or leisure tours:

Educational Tours

Kakum National Park, Ghana


Visit Accra Ghana and experience the slave castles on the Cape Coast,the Kakum canopy work, Hanz Botel, The Artist Alliance Gallery, Kwame Nkurumah’a Museum and Aburi Garden to mention a few sites.

Keran National Park


Visit the National Parks (Fezzao and Keran) and the Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve in Togo, Also the only UNESCO Heritage site the Tammberma Villages in Koutammakou.

Auberge Grand-Popo

Benin Republic

Experience Nature and visit to the Auberg Grand-Popo

Nairobi National Park


Embrace an East African experience at the Nairobi National park and the Lake Nakuru.

Kruger National Park

South Africa

Visit the Robben Island and Table Mountain in Cape Coast. Also experience some wildlife at Krueger National Park.

Goree Island


Visit the Goree Island, Lake Retba and the Renaissance Statue in Dakar.

Pyramids of Giza


Visit the Giza Necropolis, The Kanark and the Red Sea Reef.

Leisure Tours

For your destination weddings,solo holidays/retreats or romantic get-aways visit

Abuko Nature Reserves


Visit the Abuko nature reserves and experience the carmel safaris at Tanji.

Seychelles Botanical Garden


Experience the unspoiled and exotic beaches, the Seychelles botanical garden in Victoria and Morne Seychellois National Park.

Royal Hills of Ambohimanga


One of the last places on earth to be occupied by humans, Madagascar boasts of unspoiled ecological sites. Visit the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga considered to be a historical village that was once home to Madagascar royalty, the Avenue of Baobao trees and the Isle Sainte Marie.

Kite Packages

These are also either educational (Discovery in Motion) or leisure tours.

Legoland UK


These include Chairos Educational trips to

  • Canada; CN Centre, Niagra falls and Ontario Science Centre.
  • Singapore; The Historic Raffles hotel and Marina Bay Sands amongst others.
  • United Kingdom; Liverpool, Legoland,The Lake district.
  • United States; The Statue of Liberty (NYC) and The White House (Washington DC).

Sydney Australia


leisure trips are processed on the client’s requests to various parts of the world. These trips include an experience to;

  • Brazil
  • Rome
  • France
  • Australia
  • Dubai

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  • Lagos-Israel-Greece.
  • Lagos-Israel-Greece-Rome.

For all those looking for a spot to observe a Christian pilgrimage. This is your opportunity! This package will take you through the Christian bible and enable you experience pure Jewish Culture and traditions. A trip to Greece will allow you experience and endorse the Greek Mythology and Architecture. Rome caps the package with its sculptures and a visit to the Vatican City to see the St Peter’s Basilica.